Project Update - 8/3/17

4-Week Look Ahead Summary in Each Phase

Phases 1 and 2: Raising castings. Complete curb and sidewalks at railroad crossings. Goal is to start final paving on 8/24 and road striping (paint) on 9/5.

Phases 3, 4 and 5: Raising castings in preparation for final paving.

Phase 6A (Gloucester crossing):  Install railroad signal cable and gates. Install traffic signal mast arms and pedestals.  Temporary traffic markings and traffic switch to final alignment scheduled for 8/14.  Construct islands on both sides of tracks, milling, complete curb and sidewalks.

Phase 6:  Raise castings, grade and pour sidewalks, install ornamental railing. 

Phase 7:  Install curb, grade and pour sidewalks, install light and signal conduit, traffic signals at Federal St.

Phase 8:  Excavate pavement in sidewalks and install light conduit.