Project Update - 5/10/16

  • Rt.1A paving activities will occur on Friday May 13, 2016 between Balch St and the Memorial School.  
  • Drainage work on Phase 4 (parts of Elliott Street as well as Rantoul Street from Elliott Street to Lenox Street) will begin on or about May 12th.

  • Phase 2 (Cabot Street from Lyman Street to Colon Street) is anticipated to begin full depth reconstruction on or about June 3rd. 

Traffic Update for Friday 5/13/16:

Early Friday we will be detouring northbound Cabot St. traffic at Balch sending them towards McKay St.  This will continue most of the day or until we can free up a lane.  Paving will begin in the northbound lane just north of the RR Xing and complete the paving strip to the job limits.  Until we get cool down temps in this area NO VEHICLES WILL BE ABLE TO CROSS THE PAVING STRIP. 

Southbound traffic will continue down to Blaine and be detoured there until we can drive on the paved lane north of the RR Xing.  Southbound paving will then commence form the north limit with no access to Blaine, Tasty Subs, the south driveway of the Memorial Building project, etc.  We will then continue this strip southbound south of the RR Xing until we reach our 600 ton paving goal.  Traffic heading south will proceed southbound down the northbound Cabot lane at this time and maybe down Blaine again after cool down/compaction of the paving in that area.