Project Update (Tree Removal) - 10/10/15

Here is some additional information about the tree removal on Cabot Street between Swan Street and the northern Project Limit, which covers approximately 2,400 feet.

  Along this stretch of Cabot Street:

·         10 trees are scheduled to be removed
·         7 trees within the project limits are scheduled to remain
·         3 trees are scheduled to be removed, temporarily planted offsite during  construction, and then returned to their original location at the end of the project
·         5 trees outside the project limits (on private property) as well as all the trees along Cabot Street near the Junior High School are scheduled to remain intact during construction operations
·         Approximately 65 new trees will be planted within this 2,400 foot section of roadway in 2017.

At this time, Tree Tech is in the process of removing trees within the project limits as described on the plans.  This is a necessary part of the construction process, and needs to be done in a continuous manner. The top reason for this is safety. As traffic is shifted to accommodate roadway work, trucks are coming in contact with the overhanging trees. This can be a hazard for vehicles, pedestrians, and crews. Detouring this traffic is not a viable option, as a majority of these trucks are servicing businesses along Route 1A.

Another reason the tree removal needs to be completed at this time is because of the amount of utility work that has been scheduled for this fall and the way that this work is dependent upon the cooperation of each contractor. This utility work includes National Grid, Lightower, Comcast and Verizon. Their work will take place both above and below ground.  

Additionally, survey crews for both MassDOT and The Middlesex Corporation are working daily to provide layouts of new utilities as well as the alignment of the proposed roadway. An unobstructed view is helpful.

We were able to confirm that The Middlesex Corporation will have 2 crews working on the drainage and water lines this year. The second crew will be here in early November.  Crews will be working on both the Northern and Southern ends of the projects.