Construction Update - 9/4/14

National Grid Gas Update:

This is the tentative plan for the remaining work on the current phase of Cabot St. Things could change but they are moving pretty quickly and could be done as early as the end of next week.

Fri 9/5 - Work on Colon St only (Gas up main and do the service to bank. Right lane Colon closed) 

Sat 9/6 - Work on Colon St (Dig and Shore Tie in hole. Right lane Colon closed) 

Mon 9/8 - Gas service to the Subway (Will close southbound lane on Cabot for only 1-2 hours. Will have appropriate details/signage for couple hours then re-open the road. 

Tues 9/9 - Main connection on Bennett St.  

Wed 9/10 - Main connection in front of Carroll's Flowers store (Should be able to keep 2 lanes traffic) 

Thurs 9/11 - Main connection on Colon St (Right lane Colon closed) 

Fri 9/12 - Final Connection on Cabot St @ Colon St intersection